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Smoke Damage Lawyers

After devastating TX wildfires, many homeowners return to the neighborhoods and discover that while their homes didn't burn down, they've been affected by smoke. If your home was exposed to smoke, it could have both visible and hidden smoke damage. Recovering from smoke damage can be extremely costly and may require the services of smoke damage lawyers to ensure that your insurance company pays the full amount to which you are entitled under your policy.

How Smoke Damages Homes

Smoke is composed of harmful gases and carbonized material with microscopic particles that can infiltrate brick walls, drywall, plaster, insulation, wood work, cabinets, and more. While the smoke itself may eventually blow away, smoke residue is left in its wake emitting odors and burrowing into soft surfaces. In addition to the material damage, some residents of smoke damaged homes have complained of upper respiratory symptoms, sore throats, itchy eyes, and allergies.

Why Smoke Damage Cleanup is Costly

If your home has smoke damage, it will likely need extensive remediation that extends far beyond airing out the home and cleaning the carpets. For example, microscopic smoke particles in wall insulation can stink up the home for years. The solution? Removing the drywall and replacing the wall insulation inside.

Will Your Insurance Company Pay?

That's a big question. Smoke damage is difficult to prove, and the burden of proof is yours. Smoke damage lawyers in Texas help policyholders like you prove:

Texas smoke damage lawyers represent your side of the claim, and you don't have to wait for your insurance company to deny your claim in order to benefit from our expertise. We work on a contingency and provide your insurance company with the documentation and proof that they need in order to compensate your fully. Contact us today for a free consultation.